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My First Blog....

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

So Hi! I am trying my hand at this blog writing business! I had zero clue on what to write, even googled it so I thought I'd start off at the beginning...

I know customers like to know who they are buying from so here goes..

My name is Charlotte, I am the 'CG' in the CG Diamonds.

I am 36 years old, wife to a Mr BG, mother to daughter 'A' (7) and son & daughter twins 'E' & 'S' (5).

I live in a small town called Chorley, in the North West of England, about 40mins from Manchester.

I am, and have been, a teacher for the last 10 years. I teach English, Maths and ICT to adult learners.

Here is where the business started...

In early 2019, my then estranged mother, Liz, came into my life after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Due to a series of events, she only 18 at the time, had left me with my Dad & Grandparents when I was 5 months old.

The diagnosis of BC, whilst non life threatening at the time, gave her the desire to get to know her only child.

Given we were both grown adults, and had lost all child like skills needed to form a relationship out of thin air, she suggested she would teach me all about the antique jewellery industry as she had her own business trading these gorgeous items - Tru Vintage Diamonds Ltd.

Given I loved diamonds as much as the next woman I jumped at the idea.

This turned out to be a very much shared passion and an avenue for us to get to know each other organically over the next 2.5 years.

She showed me the many different diamonds and how they changed over the years, how to identify said diamonds, their colour & clarity. She taught me all about the hallmarks and their history, the variety of gemstones and their properties and how to photograph these beauties.

Not only that but she showed me herself. I was able to get to know 50% of myself and I throughly enjoyed all the similarities we had. From the same taste & eye with jewellery, to our dry and sarcastic humour, our artistic attributes, fashion sense and a strong desire to always be the best in whatever we do.

It wasn't always smooth sailing. Mental health played a impact in our relationship as she carried a lot of guilt from our past and it was hard for her to trust that my feelings for her were genuine. We also had to contend with Covid-19, her treatment and surgeries for the BC, me having such little children along my ongoing health and disability. Something I will go into more detail on another post.

Later in 2020, after getting the all clear only 4 months previously, we was given the worst news. Her Breast Cancer had returned and had mutated into a vicious form known as 'Triple Negative'. The outcome was Stage 4...terminal.

I was in denial. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this woman, who was my teacher, my best friend, one of the most important people in my life would no longer be here. How?! She looked fine, she felt fine, they must have it wrong, she'll beat this, IT'LL BE FINE!

It wasn't fine. Despite various chemotherapies, the cancer spread to her lungs. That really was game over.

I knew that getting to know her, and loving her, more and more each day would hurt me in the long run but it was something we both needed to do.

In April 2021 we took our first trip together. We went to Betwy-s-Coed, Wales. It was the most magical place and time and the memories created during those 4 days I will cherish forever.

We were able to cook together, go on trips, sight see, watch Naked & Afraid, say goodnight and good morning in person. All new territory for us both. No distractions from children, work, life. Just US.

In typical me fashion, I was mother hen. I LOVED taking care of her, putting blankets over her when she fell asleep, ensuring I wrapped over left over onions for another day; something she later laughed at me for and planning out our time.

Little did I know that would be the last time she was well both mentally and physically.

After that most special trip she declined fast. She became confused, dizzy, weak and decided that she would stop the oral chemotherapy. We all suspected that the cancer had now spread to her brain.

On the 27th July I got a call from her partner, Malcolm, that she was very poorly and needed my help.

An ambulance was called but they were unsure if she would make it to the hospital and given her desire to die at home, which was no longer suitable, a hospice was sourced...Pendleside Hospice in Burnley.

Here she was given what she needed to feel comfortable. I was with her as much as I could be, up to 20hrs a day, only going home to do school/nursery runs, shower and change my clothes.

It was here I presented her with a gift. A 9ct Gold ring with a hollow heart. One for her and an identical one for myself. She was so very grateful and told me it was the most special gift she had ever received and would 'wear it in the box' - an example of her dry sense of humour.

On the 14th August, aged just 52, while I thought I could spare a couple hours to visit my dad on his birthday, she passed. I was angry she had done this whilst I wasn't there but equally grateful she had spared me from seeing the end. I was later informed by the nurses this was a common theme, that our loved ones don't want us to witness the end.

So here I was. My biological mother was gone, the person I spoke to all day, every day and I was missing my teacher too. I felt so lost...

BUT times a healer as they say and whilst the pain is the same, my coping skills are better and

18 months on I honour her by trying to make the business the best it can be so her legacy continues.

XXX<3 Thanks for Reading my First Blog <3 XXX

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