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International Women's Day 2023

Not that we need a day to celebrate all the magnificent women in our lives but it's amazing that we do.

When we think of inspirational women we can think of successful business women, women in power, women who have achieved more than what was assumed they would but it runs deeper than that for me.

The women who inspire me are of course women from the above categories but I also find women who haven't achieved much in the financial or career sense to be just as amazing.

The women who work multiple jobs to keep their families clean, fed and warm.

The women who selflessly give up their lives to care for a loved one.

The women who volunteer to help strangers.

The women who have life changing disabilities or illnesses but still muster the strength every day to get out of bed.

The women who have overcome trauma to go onto live their 'best life'.

The list is endless. These are women who inspire me.

I have many women around me who inspire me.

I have my grandmother, who not only raised my father and uncle but then took me in at 5months old to raise me also. And when I was 16 she opened up her home once again for her disabled 78yr old mother, my Great Grandmother, for 4 years.

She has helped me with childcare and care when my babies were young; being the lifeline I needed with a 2yr old and newborn twins. She has been my support when I have had treatment for my illness. This woman has given up most of her life to care for her family with little to no reward or Thanks, although I try my best to show her appreciation every day.

This woman is my rock, my world, my best friend, the reason I am who I am today and if I turn out to be half as selfless as she I will consider that to be a privilege.

I also have an Auntie/Godmother who built and runs a successful business in the textile industry.Who, even after my uncle had an almost fatal and life changing brain aneurysm, continued to keep her head above water to continue the business and ensure he got the absolute best treatment. His recovery is solely down to the actions and fight she made when he collapsed.

And her daughter, whilst being a few years younger than I, is also taking over the world in the dance/entertainment industry; gaining contracts to supply talent to cruise ships and most recently Dubai!

These women know no limits to their ambition and I am in awe of their drive, hard working attitudes and desire to build the life they want.

I have friends who have left abusive partners to parent alone, whilst working full time. Who have risen from the destruction of their personalities and confidence to show their children what being a strong, independent woman looks like and to never settle.

And friends who have lost parents well before they should have but work hard to try and keep the happy, family life for their children and to make their late parents proud.

I have family members who have had just the most horrific time which resulted in burying 2 of their young children and still get up out of bed every day to provide a happy and amazing life for their earth side child.

And I have my late Mother, who despite the decades of trauma in her life still had the determination to make her life count for something, to create and run a beautiful business, get to know her only child and selflessly pass on her business skills to change her future also. Who fought breast cancer with everything she had despite every hospital appointment revealing more and more heartbreaking news.

These, and more, are the women who inspire me every day.

To be better, to push harder, to be thankful for who and what I have and where I have come from.

So, here’s to strong women...

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

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