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A little bit about me and my business...

I guess you could say diamonds and antique jewellery is in my blood!

I have inherited the love for all things sparkly from my Mother, Elizabeth Gallagher, who is sadly no longer with us.

She ran a successful business TRU Vintage Diamonds Ltd for a number of years before teaching myself the 'ropes' or jewels in this case.

3 Years later, and now without my teacher, I am pushing to make it a success she would be proud of!

I am determined to be the name people think of when they want to buy high quality antique jewellery.

I pride myself on my customer's reviews and only wish I could see their faces when they receive their beloved item from me.

Whilst I largely stock antique jewellery I will often buy more modern items that I love in an effort to be accommodating to all preferences and budgets.

Outside of all things shiney, I work 3 days a week as a college lecturer and have 3 small children and a husband.

They are the driving force behind my business; to create a better future for them and hopefully my mother's legacy that I can then pass onto my children.

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